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Norwalk High School

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Vision & Mission

School Counselor's Beliefs

  • We believe that nurturing ALL students’ social and emotional well-being will encourage academic development and future success.
  • We believe that all students can be successful in life.
  • We believe that all students should have access to different college and/or career options/secondary education.
  • All students should have the opportunity for equitable, accessible, challenging and successful education.
  • All students deserve to have academic and social/emotional guidance.
  • All students should have access to school counselors who advocate for their social/emotional needs.
  • We believe that school counselors should consult and collaborate with all stakeholders.
  • All students should have access to career and occupational options.
  • All students should have access to rigorous coursework and have college and career exploration done.
  • All students have dignity and worth.

Norwalk High School Counseling Vision

Norwalk High School graduates are lifelong learners who explore, set goals and demonstrate personal advocacy in pursuit of their own possibilities.  They positively contribute to their community and world.


School Counseling Mission Statement

The Norwalk High School Counseling department endeavors and assists students to become productive citizens in any community, gain the knowledge, skills, social/emotional development and career exploration/goals through a comprehensive and data-driven counseling program.  We collaborate with other community stakeholders and educators to advocate for equity, access and success for all. Valuing and helping all students regardless of background or individual circumstance, the Norwalk High School Counseling department strives to empower all students to achieve their highest potential and prepares them to meet their college and career goals.