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Intervention Counseling Services

Intervention Program
Students are referred to our intervention counselor, Ms. Liliana Tovar after a collaboration process has been established between student's counselor and intervention counselor. Our approach is goal oriented where a partnership is required between student, parents,teachers and counselor and documented in an academic/attendance contract. Goals are developed and an intervention plan is created depending on the needs of each student. The referrals are based on the following criteria:
1.Multiple Fs & Ds
2. Attendance concerns
3. Social-emotional behavior concerns
Ms. Tovar's, Intervention Counselor's mission is to support at-promise students through a comprehensive and developmental approach by addressing academic, career and personal/social skills necessary to achieve quality learning. Emphasizing academic success and life skills, students learn more about themselves, the world around them, and the power of choices and consequences. In order to accomplish these goals, the program focuses on the following:

Intervention counselor assists students to become independent learners. Academic responsibility is taught, encouraged, and reinforced in a partnership between school and home. Aptitudes, interests, and learning styles that relate to academic achievement are strengthened through this collaborative effort.
Intervention counselor helps students choose courses and activities to explore career opportunities. These experiences are designed to reflect the diversity of student backgrounds and promote positive life choices.
Intervention counselor encourages individual growth and a broader understanding of relationships with others. Students develop skills and knowledge to be life-long learners, establish personal goals, and become productive members of society.
The following Interventions are implemented as needed according to each student's needs:
Individual/Personalized Academic Counseling
  • One-on-one conference with each at-promise student and their parent/guardian to develop an academic/behavior intervention plan
  • Referral to outside agencies for intense social/emotional support
  • Individual follow ups with student/parent as needed
  • Mandatory tutoring
  • Peer mentoring - Link/Crew Mentoring
Parent Involvement
  • Parenting classes in partnership with the City of Norwalk "Parent Project," Family Intervention Program. Topics include:
    * Understanding our children
    *Addressing problematic behavior
    * A parent’s formula for success
    * How to get involved & help your teen
    * The out-of control child
    * Considering relationships and developing actions plans
    * Finding help and support
    * The dynamic of change
    * Managing Conflict in the home 
      * Putting it together and making it work
Group Counseling
  • Students are placed in the following counseling groups according to their specific area(s) to improve. Group counseling includes:
    * Goal for Life Program – Goal target Group
    * CHOICES group counseling
    * Collaboration with probation officer’s program for resources such as Help-Line Counseling (Boys & Girls Counseling Groups)
CAPSS (Collaborative Action Process for Student Success)
& 504 Plans Meetings
  • Collaboration with student’s counselor to determine next steps, (CAPSS meetings and 504  Plans), if needed. For example: Student may be referred to the CAPSS process or 504 Plan evaluation at anytime during the evaluation process depending on the specific needs of the student.
Contact Intervention Counselor, Ms. Tovar at (562) 210-3848 or via email at for additional information.


24 Hour Phone Counseling for Youth




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Call the LA County substance abuse hotline @ 800-564-6600



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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Counseling and Resources 

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