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Special Education » Overview


Special Education Overview for NHS


What kinds of special education programs exist at NHS?


Resource Specialist Program (RSP): This is the least restrictive special education program on campus. All students in this program have mild to moderate learning disabilities. These students spend most of their day in general education classes. Tutorial is usually the only special education class they have.


Academic Support Program (ASC): This is a newer name for Special Day Program (SDC). Most of these students spend over half of their day in self-contained classrooms where they receive specialized academic instruction.


Achieving Success through Positive Intervention and Resiliency Education (ASPIRE): This program focuses primarily on student behavior. Many of these students have self-contained classes with just a few general education classes.


Functional Academic Skills Training (FAST): These students have moderate to severe learning disabilities and are not diploma track students. Their focus tends toward functional skills.


How do general education teachers know what each student’s needs are?


Every teacher receives a profile for each individual student at the beginning of each semester. On those profiles, teachers will find information regarding grade level, present levels of functioning, description of student disability, and accommodations/modifications.


If a student with an IEP requests to take a test in the RSP room, what is the process?


Students with special education services may be excused to take their tests and quizzes in room 611, as long as their IEP accommodations permit. 


How do I know who the case carrier is for my child?


Each student's counselor has access to the list of special education case carriers.


Who are the leaders of this department?


Mr. Gash and Mr. Feleke both co-chair the department. Mr. Gash works with students in the RSP program and Mr. Feleke works with students in the ASC program. Dr. Panagos is the administrator over the special education department.