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Project Lead the Way: Biomedical Science » SYLLABI for PLTW 9th and 12th

SYLLABI for PLTW 9th and 12th

PLTW General Syllabus for 9th Grade PBS and 12th grade BI

Medical Academy

PLTW Syllabus


Through both individual and collaborative team activities, projects, and problems, students will tackle real-world challenges faced by biomedical professionals in the field. They will work with the same tools and equipment used in hospitals and labs as they engage in relevant hands-on work. Students will develop skill in technical

documentation to represent and communicate experimental findings and solutions to problems. In addition, students will explore how connections to other disciplines such as computer science and engineering shape the future of medicine and practice collaboration techniques that will help them connect with professionals across

any field.


TEACHING METHODS:  Students will be assigned regular assignments, activities, and projects to learn, practice, and master the techniques expected in the medical biology class.  Daily progress is expected and will be carefully monitored.

GRADING:  Students will be graded based on their performance on standards-based summative assessments and will have at least two or more opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills with the standards. Category weights are assigned to each skill--- see table below.  Students should regularly check the detailed grade book on PowerSchool to monitor their progress.




Letter Grade/Effort Grade

Each student will receive a letter grade as well as an effort grade for each core class.  The letter grade is based on a standard scale.

90%-100% A

89%- 80% B

79%- 70% C

69%- 60% D

59% and below F










Grade will be calculated using the following Categories:

Categories on Grade Book and Skills related to them

% weight on Grade Book 

Technical Knowledge--Work On                 

20 %

Process Thinking -Research                                  


Collaboration = Group Work                                     

15 %

     Exams  -- bi weekly or otherwise     


Professional Practices = Labs+ Notebook                       


     Final exams (at end of each semester)




METHODS OF EVALUATION :  Classwork, Quiz, Group Work , Notebook , Final Exam , Homework. ( see above for the specific % )



Materials Needed :  Chrome Book , Internet , Access to Schoology ,  account paid by teacher and access to the Google Drive ( nlmusd)


Tardy Policies :  We follow the NHS rules printed on the Parent Handbook


Daily Procedures :


RUBRIC:  All assessments will be based on the following 4 point rubric.



Exceeds Standards:  Student demonstrates mastery of standards.


Meets Standards:  Student demonstrates proficiency of standards.


Approaching Standards:  Student demonstrates partial understanding of standards.


Below Standards:  Student demonstrates minimal understanding of standards.


No Attempt Made:  Student provides no evidence of attempting assigned task.

ACADEMIC CONDUCT:  You are required to do your own work.  Norwalk High School  policy on academic dishonesty states:  “Academic Dishonesty is defined as the act of obtaining or attempting to obtain credit for work by the use of any dishonest, deceptive, or fraudulent means.  Students who are academically dishonest will not receive credit for the work and may fail the course.

MAKE-UP WORK:  All missing work is expected to be made up in a timely manner.  All work is designed to help students demonstrate their knowledge and skill of the standards.  All assessments MUST be made up or students will receive a “0” on the assessment.



PLTW Career Journal

Students will maintain a Career Journal as they explore the vast array of careers in the biomedical sciences. Students may maintain their work in a digital format that should be separate from the Laboratory Journal. Students will continue to use this Career Journal as they progress through the subsequent Biomedical Science courses. 

Career Journal Guidelines

  • Correct Name of the Career
    • Use uppercase letters to write the name of the specific career as a heading.
  • Education and/or Training Required
  • Responsibilities and Daily Activities
  • Salary associated with the career
  • Documentation of Sources
    • Use a minimum of one reliable source of information including internet websites and other resources that enable you to complete the requested information.
    • List the source in the proper format according to the PLTW Biomedical Science Citation Protocol.
    • SALARY for the profession.


  • Self-Reflection
    • Use a few sentences to describe your level of interest in this profession and why you would or would not pursue this career option.




ASSIGNMENTS include a combination of :

Interactive Notebook work , Homework, Laboratory Reports,  Reflections after the use of Interactive Websites, Group projects , Individual Projects , Classwork on



We will adhere to all the Dress code , Academic Dishonesty , and all other rules posted on the Parent Handbook on







Biomed Pathway Requirements:

  1. All students must be an active member of an on-campus club. This means attending club meetings and participating in all club activities.
  2. All students are required to have 40 hours of community service each year. Students must turn in 10 community service hours each quarter. Please see your teacher for the service hours document. Babysitting is not considered community service.
  3. If your grade in any of the core and biomed classes is a D or lower, you must attend tutoring. A tutoring schedule will be posted in the classroom. You are also required to submit proof that you attended tutoring signed off by the teacher.
  4. Must attend one USC. Saturday Workshop this year – in person ( or zoom depending on the situation an availability.
  5. Complete all the CareeSafe modules assigned by the teacher – Employability Skills modules ( soft skills for career sucess)



















Regular and careful attendance will be taken at every class to make sure that the attendance records are accurate.

Students should be in class every day and on time.  Absences should be extremely rare and students are responsible for checking Schoology and completing any missed work.

Make sure your child is attending school every day and arriving on time.  Check PowerSchool on a regular basis to check attendance.


Assign work that is meaningful and will assist the student in gaining mastery of the knowledge and / or skill.

Complete work in a timely manner, give your best effort, and ask questions when necessary.

Check Schoology and PowerSchool on a regular basis to make sure your child is submitting their work.


All projects, writings, assessments, etc. will be designed to demonstrate your skill and mastery of the subject matter.

The work you do is your own.  Submitting work that is not your own is plagiarism and you will get no credit for the work and risk failing the class.

Make sure your child understands that learning can only take place if they are doing their own work.  There should be consequences at home if your child is cheating.


All work is meant to build capacity in students to demonstrate their ability in the standards.  The summative assessments will be the sole measurement of the students grades because it represents a true demonstration of their ability.  Students will have at least two opportunities or more to demonstrate their level of knowledge and skill of the standards.

Students will complete all work to the best of their ability with the understanding that through practice, making mistakes, correcting mistakes, asking questions, and continually trying to improve all things can be learned.

Follow-up with your child to make sure they have scheduled time to study, practice, etc. in preparation for assigned work.  Ask your child to show you what they have learned in class.


All students will be treated with dignity and respect.  Teacher will be patient and understanding to the challenges students face.  

Students are expected to treat classmates, teacher, staff members, and property with respect.  Students are not to speak in a disrespectful manner.  Students should not deface property or use equipment in an inappropriate manner.

Remind your child that they should treat others respectfully and to use equipment properly.







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Student’s ID #________________________________


Class period with PLTW teacher  __________________



Signature of Student agreeing to the above syllabus : _________________________________________








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