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LA FAME » Tutoring Goal and Contract

Tutoring Goal and Contract

Tutoring Contract                                                                        LA FAME


Goal: All LA FAME students will maintain a 3.0 grade average or better overall, and at least a C in all classes. Students will have a tutoring contract to ensure attendance and success.



I understand that LA FAME requires a student with a grade point below 3.0 in any subject to be tutored so that he or she can maintain a 3.0 average.


If I make arrangements with my tutor or teacher to come to a tutoring session, I will follow through and attend the session with the understanding that my attendance is mandatory.


I_________________________________________ agree to this commitment. Date__________________________



  1.      Print out Power School Grade Information
  2.      Talk to your teacher.
  3.      With your teacher decide upon the action to take.


          Retake the Test,

          Turn in Late Work,

          Mandatory Study Hall