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Welcome to Norwalk High School, home of the Lancers!                Click on the links below to check out our student store!
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Vinson Pluma |

AP Computer Science Teacher  |  Men's Varsity Soccer Coach
Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students:
Welcome to Norwalk High School, California. We are excited to help you become familiar with our campus and staff. If you're interested in joining the Computer Science pathway or the Men's Soccer team, you've come to the right place. 
Mr. Pluma's Course Assignments and Assessments
To locate Mr. Pluma's course assignments and assessments, please visit our Schoology ( web site and log in with your student email and password. Schoology is a learning management system (LMS) we use to collaborate with students, parents, and staff. If you need help locating your student email and password, please email Mr. Pluma at
Mr. Pluma's Course Grades
To access your course grades, please click on the PowerSchool Student/Parent portal link below:
Computer Science Pathway
If you're interested in joining the Computer Science pathway, please click here to access to the pathway's landing page with information about our pathway counselor, teachers, and AP Computer Science summer assignments. If you want to confirm your class schedule, please contact our counselor, Ms. Sonia Perez by email as soon as possible. If you would like to know what you'll be learning in the computer science pathway, you may contact Mr. Vinson Pluma by email at or visit the class description and syllabi page.
Men's Soccer Team
If you're are interested in trying out for the Men's soccer team, please email Coach Vinson Pluma at as soon as possible. To begin the tryout process, each student will need to complete an online set of athletic forms prior to practicing and trying out. To access the forms, please go to the "Athletic Clearance" web site at and sign up for a new account so you can fill out the required forms. Second, you'll need to upload a photo of your sports physical form and medical insurance card to the web site. Since doctor's appointments can take weeks to schedule, please make your appointment as soon as possible. Copies of the sports physical form are available at Norwalk High. The MVP Sports Clinic (Downey) and Kaiser Bellflower have our sports physical form on file and they perform sports physicals for $25.
Medical Insurance Options
Option 1:  Use your family's medical insurance. Upload a photo of your medical insurance card to the web site. Option one ( 1 ) is the most common.
Option 2:  Buy an annual medical insurance policy with a third-party vendor for approximately $25 per year. The third-party insurance form is available in English and Spanish in the front office, just ask the school secretary or Athletic Director.
Option 3:  MediCal or Healthy Families medical insurance through the state of California. This option includes medical, dental, and vision coverage. However, this plan requires a meeting with Michelle Suarez at the district office to determine if you qualify. If you already receive free or reduced school meals, you have a strong chance of qualifying. 
FREE Medical (Physical) Examinations
Attention All Student Athletes: You can receive a FREE sports physical from the school district's Health On Wheels program if you do not have insurance or have Medi-Cal insurance. All you have to do is contact Veronica Torres at (562) 884-1947 (Health On Wheels) or (562) 921-7981 (Office) to schedule an appointment.
Free or Reduced School Meal Plan and FEE-WAIVERS
Attention All Students: If you do not have a free or reduced meal plan, it is highly recommended that you apply and determine if you qualify. Please check or renew at the beginning of each year. Studies show that students who are properly nourished earned higher grades and perform better in athletic sporting events. Better yet, when you're planning to attend a four year university, you may qualify for fee-waivers for scholastic aptitude tests ( PSAT / SAT / ACT ), university admissions applications, and the NCAA Athletic Clearinghouse subscription. To pick up a meal plan application form, go to Norwalk High and ask the school secretary. To inquire about a fee-waiver, make an appointment with your counselor. You'll be amazed what you qualify for, all you have to do is ask.