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I've taught at Norwalk High since 2000. That's 21 years! I guess, I am getting to be one of the old men on the campus. I am an English teacher by trade and have taught all grade levels. I have been teaching Senior level English, both ERWC and Advanced Placement Literature.  Additionally, I designed an elective that explores various aspect of the world of comix.

The majority of my communication to students and guardians takes place through email. You can email me at


Current Classes:
  • Expository Reading Reading and Writing Course or ERWC
  • Advanced Placement English Literature
  • Comix Appreciation
Brief History of My Education:
  • I graduated high school without honors.
  • I attended Golden West Community College
  • I earned my Bachelors in English Literature from CSU, Long Beach
  • I earned my Masters in English Literature from CSULB, as well
  • My masters thesis, Multi-Cultural Noise and Ishmael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo, was nominated for best thesis
  • I am an avid reader of both prose and comix.
  • I have been drawing and publishing my comix for over 20 years and have self-published three graphic novels.
  • I am a huge record collector. It is truly a sickness.
Teenage FBI
About ten years ago some members of the English Department got the crazy idea that we can start a band and play at the NHS Talent show. Even though we are not musicians, we dug up instruments and taught ourselves how to play.
  • Annette Aragon: Battery
  • Janice Kroupa: Tonsils
  • Marcus Woodworth: Fat String Bending
  • Jong Kim: Skinny String Beding
  • Me: Additonal Skinny String Bending
  • Invisible Members: Susana Edwards, Kristen Pinta, Doris Doyon, and Nancy Lanpher
Prior Jobs:
  • Rock Climbing Guide
  • Paint Deliverer
  • UPS Sorter
  • Surf Board Shop Layabout
My Three Favorite Authors:
  1. Cormac McCarthy
  2. Phillip Roth
  3. Toni Morrison
Close runner up: Salmon Rushdie